About Luis

Luis has spent the last thirty years researching healing.
In the early 2000s, he went through severe body symptoms, which led him to deeply understand the connection between body symptoms and consciousness.
He says everything starts from our consciousness, from the intangible and invisible flows within every human being.

He specializes in addressing the causes of disease and receiving full healing using subtle energy. His purpose is not just to get rid of physical, mental, or emotional symptoms but to bring the individual back to his natural state of health.

He says everything can be healed. This does not mean that everyone is able to heal everything.
He says he never knows what the outcome will be when he performs a healing to someone. He says we must absolutely avoid having expectations of a cure. And often, healing does occur.

For Luis, healing must not be an objective in itself but a consequence of a change in one’s inner vibration. The people who want to get healed must change their inner vibration.

And so, in all of Luis’s seminars, talks, consults, and conferences, the main subject is changing one’s inner vibration.